Rainy Day Runs

I am constantly coming across photos on Pinterest and Tumblr that exclaim how “running is better than therapy”. This statement couldn’t be more true and always makes me laugh. My mind spins on runs as any problem or sad aspect of my life is forced into my conscience allowing me to confront these issues and attempt to find a suitable solution. Despite the bouncing endorphins, I am always at ease and peace post run. However, this problem solving can create a problem in itself because I’m not allowing my raw emotions and feelings to be brought to the surface. These emotions manifest within me forcing my body to react in various ways in a meek attempt to deal with untouched stress. This is where rainy days become beneficial to my well-being.

Every Kingstonian has been waking up this week with a groan as they look out at the window at the unfortunate wet pavement and consistent patter against their window. I was right along with them in our sorrow and was especially depressed that I would have to run through it.

However, the rain turned out to be a good thing. Somehow the dreary, depressing dark skies and rhythmic sound of raindrops hitting the ground below me allowed me to be mindful of my emotions hiding behind solutions. Finally, the velocity of how different things in my life affected me were confronted.

I make the choice to be happy and that means pushing away negative thoughts and people, but sometimes it’s important to let yourself feel. As soon as I began pushing through the raindrops, my mind was clear and my heart took control. I realized in this moment that I can use running as an avenue to not only find peace but to be shamelessly sad, angry or any other emotion.

We all run for a reason and all feel unique and empowering things. That is the beauty of it. How do you feel on runs? What do you think about?


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