Gear Guide 1.0

Welcome to Gear Guide 1.0! A.k.a Olivia’s favourite things running style. While running itself is amazing, it becomes that much better when you have some running swag to make you look and feel as fast as you are. I personally have a slight addiction to shopping for running and workout clothes, but come on it’s totally functional to have 10 pairs of shorts….right? Yes, i know it’s not, but luckily it gives me the wonderful opportunity to test drive various products and show you all my favourites! Therefore I have created Gear Guide, which I hope to do at the start of every season to showcase products appropriate to that season of course. So here we go!

1. The watch: Being the most important part of training for a race, it’s crucial to have a high quality GPS watch that can track your kilometres (or miles), splits and heart rate. My beautiful Garmin Forerunner 610 holds all of these necessities while also being extremely aesthetically pleasing! The Forerunner vibrates after each kilometre in order to notify you of your split and also provides you with you’re heart rate from an added heart rate monitor. Therefore you’re covered whether you’re training revolves around splits or heart rate! I may be bias as Garmin is the only brand I’ve had, however I have never had an issue and have only heard great things from fellow runners!


2. The Shoes: Equally, if not more, important as the watch are the running shoes. I am a firm believer that everyone’s feet, running style and training are different, therefore I’m not recommending these shoes but merely ranting about why i love them! These shoes are the Mizuno Wave Precision 13’s and they are my babies. I swear I didn’t just buy them for the colour, while that may have been an influence, they’re actually perfect for me.

Now for the not so important (but much more fun) stuff: The clothes


3. The Quarter Zip: Confession: I have a completely irrational obsession with quarter zip shirts. I seriously fiend them. Why? No idea. However, luckily living in Canada they are super practical as they keep you warm, but also wick away sweat so you won’t be stuck dying of heat half way through your workout in -20 weather! The colours and brands are endless as I have no brand I particularly like over another. If you don’t own a quarter zip, re-evaluate your life choices and go buy one!


4. The Shirts: I’m sure you can tell by now I love bright colours and I’m sure any boy who braved reading this has stopped due to a pink overload. Regardless, here are my two favourite types of training and racing shirts. The singlet on the left is my racing singlet. It’s light and barely there, therefore when you hit the wall 3/4 through the race, you won’t be thinking “get this stupid, heavy, sweaty shirt off me”, you’ll only be thinking “kill me now”. The Nike shirt on the right is simply a basic and light shirt for training.


5. Shorts and Sports Bra: I’m normally one to try to support actual running brands rather than over-priced Lululemon clothes, however when it comes to shorts and sports bras, I become a Lululemon snob. The bra is supportive and comfortable, need I say more? I have tried many brands who have similar shorts to these and have honestly never been happier than with these Lulu ones. They never ride up and the built in underwear doesn’t chaff your skin. As far as the Nike Spandex, I may have fallen victim to advertising, as in the past addition of Runner’s World, my idols Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher were wearing these, so I simply couldn’t resist. Luckily they’re actually pretty great!

Hope you enjoyed Gear Guide 1.0 and didn’t disagree too much with my choices, but please leave a comment letting me know what your favourite things to run in are!


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